Park University- Ft Bliss Texas- BS Management

BS-Graduates in Management typically find jobs in business such as production management, personnel management, marketing management, or finance management.


Park University- Ft Bliss Texas- BS Computer Information Systems

CIS-This major specifically prepares the student in computer usage while enhancing knowledge andtools of business management and organizational theory. It is both a theoretical and practical program which can prepare the student for careers in computer management, systems applications and other computer related positions in business, government, and industry

1 Lynda 1new Online Certifications

PHP with MYSQL Essential Training (Course Duration 11h 03m)  March 26,2013 certificate no. 17AO55318F3B4C98A68F76050D14FE10

HTML5:Structure, Syntax and Semantics (Course Duration 04h 34m) February 19,2013 certificate no. 47790038FEFD446EA161A986787814F8

JavaScript Essential Training (Course Duration 05h 31m) February 06, 2013 certificate no. F4ACB40634E84941956A4DE85976349E

Iphoto ’11 Essential Training (Course Duration: 04h 13m) January 17,2013 certificate no 21B61D8794E74022A767DE358D5B467F

WordPress 3: Building Child Themes(Course Duration: 03h 11m) December 22,2012 certificate no. 4623F5878752418B9D314DADCA32D2AA

CSS Fundamentals (Course Duration: 03h 14m) December 03,2012 certificate no. FFF14BADEA2946359EDAD5CF0BDB173F

XHTML and HTML Essential Training (Course Duration: 04h 44m) October 17, 2012 certificate no. 50011779C354467BAF2EF0C4F6C44053

Small Office Networking to connect,share,and print(Course Duration: 03h 23m) October 16,2012 certificate no.B2FA1E4611244D83A22AD401A1C596D0

HTML Essential Training(Course Duration: 05h 34m) October 15,2012 Certificate no. 1A67BB28E69245F5831E7AE5937718EC

WordPress Essential Training(Course Duration: 06h 43m) October 11, 2012 Certificate no.AF485328CD084EDB8F8F6F51E97C3E73

Managing a Hosted Website (Course Duration: 01h 41m) August 24,2012 Certificate no. BE01FB47DA7A4914879C873D4C6A5674

HTML5 First Look( Course Duration: 04h 28m) August 22, 2012 Certificate no. F4AAFA6111B54F8998E64DA2B64D7D4B

Web Design Fundamentals (Course Duration 02h) 43m August 17, 2012 Certificate no. 6B32C35FCEE542F79DA57BE22425B864