How to gain more Online Referrals

Social networks are driving the value of referrals and transforming the way we do business with our customers.
 Interacting and engaging our brand advocates which are your customers, your employees, manufactures and advisors can help create huge opportunity when it comes to referrals. Online referrals are increasing sales and can pay huge dividends.
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The top 10 percent of brand advocates will make 10 or more referrals. Referrals drive business and help support business growth.Keep brand advocates happy and gather valuable referrals.

1.Do not spam your network with unwanted emails or on social media.

2. Say Please, My Pleasure and Thank you.

3. Keep your social media and websites up to date and active. Find interesting and compelling content. Do not annoy your customers by talking about you me self all the time. Two way conversation.

4. Follow through. Do not make promises you can’t keep and if you do make sure you come through.

5. Do not down talk the competitor. Remain professional at all times.

6. Pre- emptive marketing. Build professional relationships with quality minded consumers before they need your service.

7. Build employee buy in and over come inertia within your business.

8. Admit fault and make necessary adjustments for growth.

9.  Strategy not tactical. Do not be reactive.

10.Company Ideology,  believe we can do more.

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SEO Marketing In El Paso and reaching your customers online can have a huge impact on your business bottom line.