What is SEO?

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If I add keywords and meta tags to my website will I rank over night? Recently I have found that a large amount of local business owners that I have met with do not fully understand SEO and its power. With all the cold calls and emails sent to business owners it is no wonder that most of us are confused on what SEO is.  The days of talking to our customer are over. We must engage our customer to develop and maintain relationships with our customer. SEO is not a click of a magic button.  SEO is big. Do not get left behind by ignoring this very important piece of keeping your business relevant.

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I have decided to break SEO down to the basics and provide links to great articles on the subject. SEO is big and it can change all aspects of any organization. I have made a list to help break the science SEO and help you understand the dynamics of BioMarketing.


1.Let me make one thing clear up front.


SEO is a competitive practice because you have to constantly be maintaining your position and stay relevant. Your competitors are constantly trying to maintain their position and take over your spot.  Once you have reached the first page of search engines you will have to continue to create quality content that is relevant to be competative.

2. SEO is Neuropsychology.  Understanding how people think is important and we are constantly making adjustments based on human behavior. Neuropsychology is the function of the brain as they relate to specific psychological processes and behaviors.

3. SEO is Social Media

4. Conversation Rate Optimization.


6.User Experience

7. Design

8. Branding

9. Product

10. Advertising

11. Public Relations


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